7 Cool Gadgets to Buy Under Rs 500 In India

7 Cool Gadgets to Buy Under Rs 500 In India

We at MaxLifeHub , have been scouring the internet for the last few days. Reason? We wanted to build a collection of amazing, innovative yet inexpensive gadgets to buy under Rs 500 in India.


Based on it, we have rounded up 7 cool gadgets so that they can complement your everyday needs.


1. Intex Power Bank


Intex Power Bank

Leading the list is the 4000mAh power bank from Intex. It’s a small pocket sized device which can charge your phone and can also double up as a flashlight in hours of need.

The Intex power bank comes with a USB cable, a microUSB port and a USB 2.0 port.

You can buy this handy power bank on Amazon for just Rs. 499.

2. Gaming Keyboard


 Gaming Keyboard

Up next is an affordable gaming keyboard. The USP of this keyboard is that the space between the keys lights up in a colorful hue when you plug it in. For the price, the feedback of the keys are great and can comfortably be used for games which require a lot of keyboard actions.And when you’re not playing, hit the Scroll Lock to switch off the lights.

You can buy this amazing gaming keyboard on Amazon for just Rs. 499.

3. 25-in-1 Precision Screwdriver


 25-in-1 Precision Screwdriver

The 25-in-1 precision screwdriver is the perfect one to take care of your gadgets. Whether it’s the back panel of your laptop, the sideboard of your CPU or any small device, this set of alloy steel screwdrivers will be able to take care of it all.

Plus, you get a leather case to hold all of them together. This highly handy product retails on Amazon for just under Rs. 500.


4. Portable Waterproof Bluetooth


Portable Waterproof Bluetooth

If you are looking for a small, light, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, then Shipmate has you covered. The design of the Shipmate Bluetooth speaker is really simple. It comes packed with 5 buttons and a suction cap so that you can stick up anywhere, even on the bathroom mirror.

The Shipmate Bluetooth speakers are compatible with almost all the Bluetooth-enabled media player devices and can easily survive for 6 hours of streaming.


5. Portronics Headphones


Portronics Headphones

On a lookout to buy headphones? Consider giving the Portronics headphones a glance. These headphones not only provide an awesome sound quality but also goes easy on your outer ear with its soft over-the-ears cushions.

It’s a great option if you looking for cheap but good quality headphones for just Rs.349.


6. Cable Organizer


Cable Organizer

Tired of the messy wires behind your gorgeous HDR TV? Simple, get the MX cable organizer. This piece of ‘gadget’ is a 1.5-meters long flexible cover that threads your messy cables under one roof, thus earning an organized look.


7. LED Solar Lamp


LED Solar Lamp

Up next, we have a handy travel companion. The LED lamp is a solar powered lamp that lights up as soon as it’s pulled out. What’s more, in times of emergency you can also use this lamp to charge your phone.
The lamp is also chargeable through batteries as well as electricity and takes around 4-hours. 
This innovative product retails only at Rs.248 on Amazon.


8. Bluetooth Sports Headphones



Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Moving on, the next gadget on our lost is the Bluetooth enabled sports headphones from Amore. These pair of headphones are durable, sweat-proof and renders good sound quality.

As typical of any sports headphones, these too sports the in-ear plugs. Furthermore, it can function for up to five hours without battery and comes packed with a battery meter.

This innovative product retails only at Rs.499 on Amazon.


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