5 Best Earphones Under Rs.600

5 Best Earphones Under Rs.600

Looking for the best earphone to buy under Rs.600 and confused about which one to choose?
Don’t worry, you are in the right place! We have analysed all the budget earphones based on various factors like sound quality, comfort, build quality, availability of microphone etc and carefully made a list of best budget earphones.
After our primary analysis of all available earphones under 600 rupees, we realised that there are hundreds of headphones out there in the market right now and a majority of them are far behind in quality and durability. But, after spending a few hours for research, we could shortlist 5 incredible earphones in this tight budget range.

1. SoundMagic ES18

Have you ever heard about the brand SoundMagic ? There are high chances you may have not. But, its the one audio brand I advise you to remember. SoundMagic is a Chinese electronics manufacturer who specialises in high-quality audio products. SoundMagic has been winning the acceptance of headset fans all over the world by fabricating precisely designed decent audio solutions. They have a lot of high-grade audio products in their line-up today and most of them are priced very competitively.
SoundMagic ES18 is just another budget earphone from the brand and they are the best sounding earphones in under 600 price range. Believe me, SoundMAGIC ES18 offers excellent performance compared to its competitors and you will not get such great clarity in sound even from the ones which cost twice its price. The soundstage is definitely better than many other expensive earphones out there.
“With its excellent sound clarity and durable build quality, SoundMagic has delivered a winner here. Clearly, these are the best sounding earphone you can get under Rs.600 price range. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a budget earphone with high-class sound quality”

2. boAt BassHeads 220

boAt Bassheads 220 is a well built, beautiful looking pair of earphones with the average sound quality for an affordable price. The premium looking build quality is what distinguishes these pair of earphones from the rest.
These are sturdy with high-quality polished metal that ensures its longevity and durability even under rough usages. The Metalic design is very rare in this price segment and so, these headphones are more durable than many of its competitors.
The tangle-free cable ensures that you do not face any problems while handling these earphones. They have gold-plated, L-shaped 3.5 mm plug that will definitely draw your attention.
“boAt BassHeads 220 are the most durable earphones you can get under Rs.600. As the name of the model suggests, they are made for ‘bass heads’ who love those bass-heavy tracks”

3. Mi Basic In-Ear Earphones

You didn’t think we would kick off this list without mentioning these earphones from Xiaomi, did you?
They are the only earphones in this price range which offers a balanced sound quality, good bass, superb build quality and a highly comfortable fit.
With a price that is as attractive as their design, the Mi Basic In-Ear Earphones deliver very highly on the bang for buck scale. The quality of finish on these metal earbuds are outstanding for this price range and they really look like they are a steal for this amount!
“If you are looking for an earphone under Rs.600 with an overall balanced sound quality and if you can’t compromise on build quality either, the Mi Basic Earphones are definitely the best gadget you can purchase. They are super comfortable, has great sound quality and incredible build quality. No doubt, this is a real ‘bang for the buck’ earphone you can buy in India.”

4. SoundMagic ES11S

SoundMagic might not be a name you’ve heard before, but that doesn’t matter here. There’s a revolution happening in budget audio and SoundMagic is one of the reasons why. They have mastered the art of manufacturing high-quality budget earphones. Whether you’re looking for a replacement pair of in-ears for your phone or a backup pair to supplement your favourite headphones, SoundMagic has the best headphones for you in their line-up.
The ES11S is a high-quality budget earphone from SoundMagic and it is our best pick earphone under Rs.400. (Price can be varied up to Rs.550 at some times, but most of the time you can get these pair of earphones at below Rs.400). For a price as low as Rs.400, you are getting an earphone with superb sound and an inline microphone.
“Looking for an earphone under Rs.400 with not too much bass but clear audio and an in-line microphone? SoundMagic ES11S is the best choice for you!”


5. Sound One 007p

The Sound One 007p is one of the best earphones under Rs.600 that offers a good comfortable fit. You wouldn’t expect a pair of cheap earbuds to fit as well as the Sound One 007p earphones do. It’s oval shaped earbuds easily goes into the ear canals and gives a perfect and comfortable fit all the time.
When it comes to sound quality, for many people, these are the best sounding budget earphones under Rs.600. Sound One 616 produces very well balanced sound with clean and strong bass, which is enough for listening to wide genres of music.
“The Sound One 616 gives rich and deep sound in a small and comfortable package. It fits perfectly inside every ear types, it also has a quality inline microphone coupled with a single button remote control. The build quality is not the best in this price range but you really get for what you are paying.”

That sums up our list of best earphones under Rs.600. We have put together some incredible value for money earphones here. We hope that we have helped you pick the right product.If you have any queries or if you think we have left out any great earbuds under Rs.600, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below. Cheers

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