Best 5 Earphones under 1000 rupees – March 2018

Best  5 Earphones under 1000 rupees – March 2018

Fond of listening music? Looking for a budget oriented top 10 earphones under 1000. Nowadays, choosing the best earphones to buy among thousands is quite confusing & time-eating task especially to those who are the music lover. So don’t worry, we are here to help you out in choosing the best in ear headphones under 1000 rs to buy today or in future.


1. More Piston Fit ( Rs 999*)

The company works well on the design part giving compact premium look in-ear earphones. The piston-shaped body is lightweight & durable gives you long hour hearing.
The front auditory tube bends obliquely at 45° to match ear canals for proper fitment & so when you are running or walking, it will not pop out easily. So this makes it best headphones for running.


The sound production is amazing gives crystal clear sound. Good bass, mids, & treble all work in a balanced way. So this won’t hurt your ears much. The company didn’t compromise in term of sound quality.


2.  Sennheiser cx 213 ( Rs 899*)

       Sennheiser cx 213

The earphone comes with absolute finger-contoured housing design which enhances the grip over the earphone.
The earpieces securely fit into your ears but when you are on running, sometimes you need to readjust them

As expected, the sound quality is clean, powerful with a bass-driven output. The music outputs are crisp, definitive and have detailed mids along with a beautiful treble response.


3. Sony MDR-EX150AP with mic( Rs 899*)

      Sony MDR-EX150AP with mic

With an attractive look & the design, fits comfortably in the ear. EX150AP is light in weight this makes it easy to carry anywhere. The branding is done well on the outer side of the earphones.

The silicone rubber on ear tips offers a secure fitting but it may fall off while running or jumping.

The sound output by this earphone is clear, rich in details but a bit disappointed with the bass output. The treble production is also well enough then the bass.


4. Audio Technica COR 150 ( Rs 850*)

Audio Technica COR 150

This earphone comes with advanced fit in-ears comes with snap-off, snap on oval shape hanger to hook earphone in & over ears. This makes a user to customize his comfort level according to the need.
Snap them on if you prefer an over-the-ear cord fit & stay in place in the gym or running, regardless of your activity level. Snap them off if you prefer a more traditional fit. So this makes it best headphones for running or the Gym Workout. If you more concern about design and comfort then this earphone ranked 1st in the list of earphone below rs 1000.

As the company claims they provide core bass technology. Core bass offers full and heavy tones for rock, electronica, and bass-driven metal – without sacrificing clarity. So, the sound production is crisp & clear. It does well in term of bass production gives thumping bass without drowning the mids or highs. But at the high volume, treble sounds a little harsh.


5. Sennheiser cx 180 ( Rs 799*)

Sennheiser cx 180

 This light weight earphone comes with absolute finger-contoured housing design which enhances the grip over the earphone. The earpieces easily & comfortably fit in the ear.

Also, due to the absence of its angular shape, it is prone to fall out from the ear while running or walking.

You will love the song while listening over this earphone. The sound is crystal clear, loud & produces a powerful bass. Mids and Highs are bit missed while listening to the song.

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