Top 10 Makeup Products Under Rs.100/-

Top 10 Makeup Products Under Rs.100/-

Below 100 Bucks! Yes! Check out here top 10 makeup products that are just below hundred rupees and budget friendly.


Lakme BrowPencil

Lakme’s brow pencil is a decent eyebrow pencil for beginners.
Buy Lakme brow pencil For Rs 48.00 Here   


VegaEyelash Curler

This eye lash curler is decently priced at 80rs only and helps to achieve those curled lashes look easily within your budget.

Buy Vega eyelash curler For  99.00 Here 


VLCC LipBalm

Lip balms are staples in any woman’s vanity. Winter winds result in dry lips and skin, also some have naturally dry lips, and for them applying a lip balm is a must to keep the lips healthy and supple. 

Buy VLCC Lip Balm  For Rs 99.00 Here 

Elle 18Kajal

Elle 18 has relaunched its range with improved formulations and many products. It is easy to apply and is also very affordable. The added fact is the cute packaging.

Buy Elle 18 kajal For Rs 100.00 Here

LakmeInsta Liner

Lakme is known for its decent priced makeup range and this liner is one of their super affordable makeup items.It can be found at any beauty store and is also easy to use.

Buy Lakme insta liner For Rs 82.00 Here 


MaybellineColorama Nail Paint

Maybelline’s affordable nail paint range at Rs 100 price tag has vast color options, is easily found in beauty stores and also is very good as per quality. It has many shades to choose from so anyone can find their own favorite color easily.

Buy Maybelline Colorama Nail Paint For Rs 90.00 Here 

Elle 18Nail Pops

Elle 18’s nail art range is very affordable and has a great range of colors.

Buy Elle 18 nail pops For Rs 100.00 Here 


BlueHeaven Glittering Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a very popular item and blue heavens glittering lip gloss is affordable and has many colors to choose from.

Buy Blue heaven glittering lip gloss For Rs 105.00 Here 

LactoCalamine Lotion

This is an age old calamine preparation which also works as a tinted lotion. They cleanse pores and heal irritations

Buy Lacto Calamine Lotion For Rs110.00 Here 

LakmePerfecting Liquid Foundation

Lakme’s liquid foundation is found in shades suitable for indian skin tones. This is very good for regular use and gives a medium coverage. The best part of it is its affordable price.

Buy Lakme perfecting liquid foundation For Rs 120.00 Here  

LakmeRadiant Complexion Compact

This compact is also a very affordable option. Works great to set foundations. It comes with a puff and a mirror too.

Buy Lakme radiant complexion compact For Rs 120.00 Here  


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